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Guests from around the world

Lovers of the art of lacquer painting from all over the world come to our gallery to see my work and to learn about the way I work.

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Malcolm Fairley 

Malcolm Fairley is a London-based art dealer.

While working at Sotheby's auction house in London, he had the opportunity to study Meiji art extensively and later founded his own gallery specialising in Meiji art.

Our collaboration began when he commissioned me to restore a work of art. Then, in 2004, he suggested that I make at least ten works of art for my first solo exhibition. At that time, I was still undecided whether I should specialise in making or restoring artworks, and I eventually decided to make the artworks I wanted. As I was not in a good financial position at the time, Malcolm offered me a 50% advance on the works once they were finished. This would have been unthinkable in Japan. I was thrilled by this environment, where young artists are encouraged in such a way, and by the way this gallery treats artists, and I set to work with full commitment. All my nine works of art exhibited were sold in the end.


Sassi Stefano

Former CEO of Valentino.

Sassi came to the gallery to order sheaths for his swords. For ten years he had searched in vain all over Japan for an artist who could transfer the maki-e motifs of Shibata Zeshin's sword sheaths to the sheaths of his daggers. Then he learned about me through an advertisement by Malcolm Fairley in Art of Asia magazine, got in touch through Malcolm Fairley and made his way to our gallery.


David Didur

Goldsmith from Toronto.

David got in touch with us because he wanted to learn how to apply lacquer to some of his own works of art. So he spent ten days at our Amazing Gallery in Yamanaka Onsen learning the techniques of maki-e and kawari-nuri.

差出人: David Didur 
日時: 2023年1月30日 3:26:15 JST
宛先: Tomizo Saratani 
件名: Re: study lacquer

Hello Tamizo, I am very happy to come and learn skills from you, thank you very much! I have secured a place to stay and will arrive at your studio from March 20th-30th. Will I be able to purchase the tools and materials I need from you? I will be coming from Kanazawa, can I rent a car in Kaga or should I do that in Kanazawa? What would be the taxi fare from Kaga to your studio? I prefer not to drive but have no problem if renting a car is the better way. 

Thank you for sharing the pictures and article about yourself, impressive work, congratulations!

If OK with you I will pay your renumeration in cash on my arrival.

With Best Regards


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